Jordan - Our communities

Jabal Al Natheef– Amman

Jabal Al Natheef, a marginalized urban area located in eastern Amman, is home to the Mohammad Amin Camp, an informal Palestinian refugee site with an estimated population of 54,000. Jabal Al Natheef faces many challenges, notably high rates of youth unemployment, higher than average illiteracy rates, rising school dropout rates and the absence of vital services.  
These challenges, however, have not eroded strong communal links and support structures.


Tafileh City – Tafileh Governorate

Tafileh, with an estimated population of 87,000, is a governorate in the south of Jordan. The main sources of employment are the government, the military and the police. Perhaps the remote geographic location makes Tafileh city and the surrounding villages among the most marginalized cities in the south, to which even Jordan’s main highways do not provide access.


Beidha “Little Petra” – Ma’an

The village of Beidha in the governorate of Ma’an forms a very small tribal community in the Petra region south of Jordan. Beidha, better known for the archeological site of ‘little Petra’ and its Neolithic heritage, is home to around 450 people from the tribe of Amareen. The village suffers from poor infrastructure, male school dropouts and a lack of informal learning and recreational activities for children and youth. The people of Beidha remain committed to their Bedouin heritage and are involved in tourism-related activities.

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