Apr 17, 2019
Ruwwad East Amman/Jabal Al Natheef – Community Meeting

Ruwwad East Amman/Jabal Al Natheef hosted a community meeting in April 2019, which involved 50 individuals representing schools, associations…

Dec 28, 2019
Community-Led Campaigns

Throughout 2019, 21 Initiatives were launched that impacted the lives of 3,033 people in Jordan, with 17 of them were launched in Tafilah.

Jan 16, 2019
Business Enrichment Program with Aramex

The Mosab Khorma Scholarship Fund benefitted 63 youth scholars who enrolled in the Business Enrichment program with Aramex. The program works on…

Dec 28, 2019
Dardashat Weekly Session

During the third quarter of 2019, 74 students benefitted from 10 “Dardashat” weekly sessions. The average attendance per session ranges from 50 to 60…

Apr 06, 2019
Mentoring Day 2019

Eighteen experts from different professional backgrounds and fields enriched the knowledge of Ruwwad’s scholars during Annual Mentorship Day…

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