Sep 01, 2019
Jordan's 2019 New Youth Scholars

At the end of August 2019, 46 new youth scholars were accepted into the Mousab Khorma Scholarship Fund program in East Amman/Jabal Al Natheef. In Al…

Ruwwad Al Beidha

Within the Youth Enrichment Program, four Dardashat sessions were organized with the majority of attendees being community members.

Ruwwad Al Tafileh

Within the Youth Enrichment Program, nine Dardashat sessions were conducted for the youth beneficiaries in Ruwwad Tafileh Community Center.

External Volunteers

Throughout 2019, Ruwwad received 52 external volunteers in the following areas” Health, business skills, English teaching, organizational…

IT Department

The Information Technology (IT) department provides technical support for Ruwwad’s programs and projects. In addition, it provides printing and…

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