Jun 27, 2019
“Sound of Change” Training

15 Ruwwad youth scholars and graduates participated in the “Sound of Change” training. The first level took place in January 2019 and the second in June…

May 30, 2019
Business Development Training

Business Development Training was conducted in March through May 2019 for 15 Ruwwad scholars’ entrepreneurs. Training topics included small project…

Nov 30, 2019
The “Natouf Bazaar”

As part of the Community program, the “Natouf Bazaar” was held in July and November 2019 to economically support community-based businesses. Local food…

Jul 24, 2019
Ruwwad Palestine Summer Camp 2019

In July 2019, 240 children took part in the summer camp in Budrus, Qibya, and Nilin. Camp activities focused on imagination and creativity and equipped…

Aug 30, 2019
New Scholars 2019

Ruwwad accepted 24 new youth scholars at the end of August to start their enrichment, education and volunteering journey.

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