Summer Camps across Jordan

Aug 01, 2018

450 children participated in Ruwwad’s different summer camps in East Amman/Jabal Al Natheef, Al Tafileh Governorate (five villages in Tafileh)   as well as in Al Beidha Bedouin village, Hwali and Beir Al Dabbaghat.



                                             Ruwwad East Amman/Jabal Al Natheef

With the participation of 138 children, summer camps in Ruwwad East Amman/Jabal Al Natheef addressed two main areas: entrepreneurship and music.

Entrepreneurship for Kids

Side by side with the summer camp, Ruwwad’s children participated in the training on entrepreneurship for kids, in cooperation with BizWorld. The children learned the basics of entrepreneurship, business and finance and worked in teams on their own small business with the available resources, simulating real-world business experiences.


Music with Sound of Change

15 of our youth scholars participated in the training of trainers with Sound of Change. They learned music fundamentals and how to use music for educational purposes without the need for musical instruments.



                                                            Ruwwad Al Tafileh

50 children from Al Tafileh, and 230 children from the villages of Eima, Eis, Ain Al Beidha, Bseirah and Wadi sZaid participated in “Ahel Al Kroom” (Arabic for “People of the Vineyards”) summer camp. The summer camp’s activities focused on culture, heritage and embracing people’s differences.


                                                            Ruwwad Al Beidha

Technology and Heritage were the themes of Ruwwad Al Beidha’s summer camp. With the participation of 70 children in Al Beidha, Hwali and Beir Al Dabbaghat, camp activities addressed the positive and negative effects of social media on heritage and cultural identity.

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